Welcome! I am Juliana, owner and operator of Aura Song Gifts.

And I am here to support you on your spiritual journey.

About Juliana

Sacred Tools for Spiritual Living

Juliana Solovjev, B.S., J.D., CSC

Aura Song Gifts

I am a certified life and spiritual coach, an intuitive spiritual consultant, a reiki master, a minister, and an entrepreneur. In the midst of my professional legal career I found myself successful, overburdened, and unfulfilled. Now I combine extensive metaphysical training, a professional degree, and over twenty-five years of experience helping people just like you find joy, purpose and direction in your daily life.

Just like everyone has a mind, everyone has an intuition. While we develop our logical abilities through many years of schooling, our intuitive skills generally go unheeded and untrained. But they can also be explored, refined and honed to serve us! Let my intuition be a tool for you or allow me to help you develop yours! Ultimately, it's about getting you where you want to be!

Whether you are interested in life and spiritual coaching, spiritual consultations, astrology charts or metaphysical classes, I am passionate about supporting your spiritual exploration and transformation!